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Weisheng embedded motherboard EPIA

at present, the sales of refined oil has entered an era of low profits. How to continuously reduce operating costs and increase profit sources has become an important task for oil sales companies. In this context, refined oil companies began to focus on providing operational efficiency and tapping internal potential to improve the level of automation. Self service refueling is becoming a trend in gas stations

the self-service of a gas station makes the products have smooth, silky and comfortable texture. The equipment manufacturing provider adopts the self-service fuel dispenser with the embedded mainboard epia-m910 as the control core, which integrates refueling, self-service terminals and advertising functions. The driver stops the car next to the self-service fuel dispenser, swipes his card to confirm, and completes refueling according to instructions and animated voice guidance. The use of self-service fuel dispensers reduces the payment, change, invoicing and other links, greatly shortening the refueling time, saving labor costs and expenses at the gas station, and the owner also benefits from refueling

the main reason why customers choose the Weisheng embedded motherboard epia-m910 is that the Weisheng embedded motherboard has always been of high quality and high reliability. It adopts dual core processors and fanless design to meet the product performance and harsh use environment, and supports dual Gigabit ports, VGA and LVDS dual display output. In addition, epia-m910 provides rich i/o, which is convenient for more application expansion

via epia-m910 motherboard can choose to carry a variety of the latest via multi-core processors, with rich i/o configurations, including 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 8 COM interfaces (which can be expanded to 12 interfaces by using via lpc-01/02 external card), 2 dual channel 24 bit LVDS, which are the latest POS machines, self-service terminals, ATM machines, game machines, digital signage Provide ideal solutions for various embedded fields such as medical and digital media applications

via epia-m910 motherboard has active and passive heat dissipation design. You can choose to carry the latest 1.2Ghz via quadcore e series processor, 1.6GHz via nano x2 e series dual core processor or 1.0ghz fanless via Eden x2 dual core processor. It supports up to 8GB of DDR3 system memory, combined with via vx900 media system chipset. The chipset adopts the latest chromotionhd 2.0 video engine, and its perfect hardware acceleration function supports the latest high-definition video formats such as Vc1, H.264, MPEG-2, wmv9, and provides a smooth playback effect with a resolution of up to 1080p without high load of CPU. In terms of display connection, including HDMI and VGA interfaces, it supports two 24 bit LVDS interfaces

the rear board i/o includes two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, one ps/2 interface, one HDMI interface, one VGA interface, two RS-232 COM interfaces (5V or 12V voltage is optional), four USB 2.0 interfaces and audio jacks. On board pin arrangement provides one single channel and one dual channel 24 bit LVDS support (including backlight control), two SATA interfaces, one group of additional six COM interfaces, one group of four USB interfaces, and one PCIe X4 card slot. The motherboard is also supplied with ATX or DC power supply support

about the key features of via epia-m910


1) you can choose to carry via quadcore e series processor, via nano x2 e series or via Eden x2 dual core processor

2) active and passive heat dissipation design

3) MPEG-2, wmv9 Vc-1 and H.264 video format hardware acceleration

4) can support up to 8GB DDR3 memory

5) onboard connection supports HDMI and VGA interfaces and 2 24 bit LVDS

6) supports 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

7) supports 8 COM interfaces (can be expanded to 12 interfaces by using Verizon lpc-01/02 external card)

8) support eight USB 2.0 interfaces

9) provide ATX or DC power supply support

10) designed for advanced industrial automation, POS machines, self-service terminals, ATMs, game consoles, digital signage, medical and digital media applications, Asia Pacific will be an important market driving force

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