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VGL ordered a platform digital printer

to read the digital printer. VGL has ordered the printing and distribution of the flat car of disease S20 from Fuji Seri digital printer to be installed in October. The machine is the latest purchase in the company's investment cycle. Inca onset S20 will change what landscape we do, said VGL managing director Michael Wyeth. This will increase considerable capacity, so that we not only need to develop our small and medium-sized display business volume, but also expand to, and no longer competitive service operation

VGL has an extensive list of factories, including the first Inca Eagle two reading factories in the UK, which houses 75 other employees between digital printing and silk printing. The company produces labels that work in a wide range of construction packaging, including a wide range of formats for photographic output in the UK, high-quality textiles and wallpaper printing

if someone buys hundreds of small flatbed car machines for printing, then they don't buy the right thing, say Wyeth. They should buy the Inca onset S20 output, which will be of better value, which will be fast, which will be of higher quality

Inca VGL onset S20 uses Fuji Serie's 6-color ultratone with orange and violet uvijet inks to produce a wide range of color gamut. Adding ultratone is very important for us, said Wyeth. Our work with fashion retailers and close color competition is crucial, because at the point of sale must be consistent with clothing. With ultratone, it is easy to get a closer combination than before. Another popular feature that will prove with customers is the Inca's ability to produce satin with various gloss after completion through high gloss. This is through, rather than an independent paint removal and curing process

Inca onset S20 features a full print width print banner to produce high-quality, 000 dpi resolution. It can handle substrates up to 50 mm thick and 1.6 meters thick with a maximum area of 3.14mx. The image is accelerated to 250sqm/hr, or 50 hours of full bed linen. The combination of Inca digital engineering technology and innovative ink formula means that Inca onset S20 is a 24/7 very suitable for the company

we saw that our Eagle knew from the Inca machine built in the factory in Cambridge that it was a wonderful project, said Wyeth. When we expect to invest in machines, we want quality and consistency, which is what the project provides. Our customers need to know that the machine will be reliable in startup and operation, and the quality will be consistent with the Inca onset S20, which will be

vgl in 1 Kongsberg should often remove sundries on the contact surface between the jaw chuck and the beam according to the use situation. The recent investment of the digital cutting table has established various supports to cope with the increased output. Our customers know that they can put us in Shandong Dongyue fluorosilicone Material Industrial Park, which is such a park. There is no problem with all the work, said Wyeth. Whether it's packaging, construction, packaging a car or large retail outlets, we have a flexible and technical expertise and equipment to cope with this terrible

the company has invested a lot of money in keeping its suite updated and believes that its customers will continue to come back because they are in quality, speed and reliable service, and they will gain confidence. We are making sure that we have the right equipment base that may be better than ourselves in marketing, said Wyeth. Our customers already know that we can meet their specified standards, and they hope that the Inca onset S20 will give them more confidence in its increased production and quality

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