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Via embedded motherboard ETX

the power monitoring system takes computers, communication equipment and measurement and control units as basic tools, and provides a basic platform for real-time data acquisition, switch state detection and remote control of power transformation and distribution systems. It can form any complex monitoring system with detection and control equipment, and plays a core role in power transformation and distribution monitoring, which can reduce operating costs and improve production efficiency, Accelerate the abnormal reaction speed in the process of power transformation and distribution

due to the complex composition of the power monitoring system, it is necessary to connect various devices, including some traditional ones. Everything goes well! There will be more fruitful harvest in the New Year! Interface equipment, such as PCI, ISA, serial port and other equipment, can realize electric safety monitoring, electric quantity and non electric quantity detection, automatic parameter adjustment, automatic time-sharing statistics of electric energy, automatic recording of accident tripping process, etc. This requires that the core computer has high scalability; In addition, due to the special importance of power monitoring, the computer is required to have high reliability and stability when the monitoring system is knocked again and abnormal. ETX motherboard well meets the requirements of the power monitoring system for the core computer. ETX is an industrial SOM application standard, which includes two parts: one is ETX CPU module, the other is ETX carrier board. ETX module is a CPU subsystem that integrates sound card, LVDS display, port, USB and standard i/o functions on the size of 95x114mm, while qianbian is more than twice the area of France, and the interface part and customer special function expansion are designed on the carrier board of any shape and size. ETX module is connected with the customer carrier board through four 100pin high-density connectors. This design makes its expansion more flexible, system upgrade easy, and minimizes cable connections. With the embedded motherboard etx-8x90 of via, it has greater advantages than other ETX manufacturers in CPU computing performance and long-term supply guarantee, and has been used in many power transformation and distribution stations

via etx-8x90 is a traditional system core module, which provides complete 64 bit operation and high-performance multimedia functions, and is suitable for various next-generation embedded applications. Equipped with 1.2Ghz via nano x2 e series dual core processor, it can provide industry-leading processing performance, and provide convenient upgrade solutions for existing ETX devices. In addition, via etx-8x90 also integrates the general via vx900 media system chipset. The chipset adopts the via chromotionhd 2.0 video engine and supports hardware acceleration of various video formats such as Vc1, wmv9, MPEG-2 and H.264

via etx-8x90 supports the latest display connection standards, including 18/24 bit dual channel LVDS, 1 VGA interface supporting 2048 x 1536 resolution, 4 USB 2.0 interfaces and 2 Mini USB interfaces, 2 PCI interfaces, 1 ISA bus, 1 SATA interface, 1 IDE interface, 2 COM interfaces and 1 10/100 Ethernet interface

via etx-8x90 is applicable to industrial computers and large OEM manufacturers focusing on dynamic vertical industry applications, including medical treatment, testing and measurement, industrial automation and transportation. Customers can enjoy the benefits brought by the exclusive project start-up supporting services, including the design reference of multiple i/o carrier boards, as well as the extensive technical support of via in developing customized carrier boards

about the key features of via etx-8x90


1) equipped with 1.2Ghz via 64 bit nano x2 e series dual core processor

2) a DDR3 sodimm memory card slot, which can support up to 4GB memory

3) equipped with via vx900 media system chipset, with via chrome9 HD DX9 3d/2d display core, supporting Vc1, MPEG-2 Wmv9 and H.264 video format decoding acceleration

4) has 2 PCI card slots and 1 ISA bus

5) supports 1 SATA interface, 1 IDE interface and 2 COM interfaces

6) supports up to 2048 x 1536 resolution CRT display, and 18/24 bit dual channel LVDS

7) supports 1 10/100 Ethernet connection

8) supports 4 USB 2.0 interfaces, 2 Mini USB interfaces and 1 IDE interface

9) supports VV xworks, Windows 7 Windows Embedded standard 7, Windows XP Embedded and windows CE will realize 5000 tons of lithium-ion cathode material, an annual capacity of 200million watt hour power battery 6.0 and Linux operating system

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