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Xinsong mobile robot made a stunning appearance at the closing ceremony of the "Beijing 8 minutes" Winter Olympics. On February 25, at the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea, the Beijing 8 minutes performance directed by Zhang Yimou surprised the world again. With the increasing proportion of plastic packaging in the packaging industry, the performance of 24 mobile robots from Xinsong and the dedicated performance of 26 dancers pushed the whole performance to a climax. The perfect integration of traditional and rich Chinese culture and modern and charming artificial intelligence has been achieved here, showing the world a contemporary China with rapid development, scientific and technological responsibility and a wide range of rivers

the success or failure of the palace level performance between millimeters

the preparation time for changing the scene is only 90 seconds, and the accuracy of 24 mobile robots and dancers is almost as difficult to achieve small interaction. 16 sets of complex robot action planning, before this, there has never been such a large-scale mobile robot performance lineup in the world. The mobile robot body carries a liquid crystal display unit. In the performance, it needs to cooperate with the dancers to complete a series of graceful and complex dance beauty actions. There is no slightest error allowed. Even if one of the robots has a second delay or action deviation, it will lead to the failure of the whole performance

a sudden national task

in fact, there was no robot involved in the creation of Beijing's 8-minute performance with a world market of more than US5 billion yuan in 2015. It was only half a year before the performance date that the director team found Xinsong company by chance and determined a new scheme for mobile robots to participate in the performance. Therefore, the R & D and production cycle from project planning to drilling with robots is less than 4 months. From the moment of receiving the task, the Xinsong mobile robot team seemed to have signed the honor of life and death. On behalf of China, we can only succeed, not fail. From the technical breakthrough to the first prototype offline, and then to the joint commissioning of all performance equipment, the time is extra valuable for this young team. How to use their wisdom and sweat to turn these seemingly impossible requirements into reality is the goal they strive to achieve every day

from the pursuit of art and rigorous technology

as a world-renowned mobile robot product and solution provider, Xinsong's series of mobile robot products have long enjoyed a high reputation in the fields of automobile, electric power, intelligent logistics and so on. However, different from the factory manufacturing environment, the biggest problem of performance robots comes from the diversity of motion posture and the high unity with actors' performance, performance music, ground projection, venue lighting, etc. Traditionally, mobile robots used in factories focus on efficiency, precision and speed, which directly determines that the running path of robots is mostly straight lines and arcs, and the acceleration and deceleration planning curve of robots presents a regular trapezoid. In order to complete the dance creativity, performing robots only rely on the action of straight line and arc turning is not enough. They need to be able to rotate like a ballet dancer and draw a perfect arc at the same time, and it is the coordinated operation of multiple robots

another problem faced by mobile robots performing outdoors is the more complex natural environment. The closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games coincided with the windy and cooling weather in Pingchang, and the activity site was not horizontal, which added many uncertainties to the normal operation of the robot

the robot's eye laser navigation system also has more stringent application conditions: the robot is nearly 100 meters away from the reference straight line of the environment around the stage, and the performance venue is crowded. How to make the robot see and see accurately is also a problem faced by the team. With a slight deviation, the robot may lose its way. Aiming at these special situations, the mobile robot team of Xinsong has specially developed a new navigation control algorithm to ensure that all mobile robots can still accurately locate and move in the case of frequent movements of actors and complex lighting of the venue

the communication problem of robots is also another big problem. Because some national dignitaries attended the closing ceremony, most of the wireless bands were shielded, including several bands that robots usually use. Technicians had to find alternative solutions and upgrade the robot's communication system to ensure that all robots can receive instructions normally

the sense of honor of the country is the driving force supporting our progress.

it can be said that every innovation and technological breakthrough we make represents a new impact of Chinese robots on the world's scientific and technological frontier. Zhang Lei, the project leader, said: I never thought that so many technological breakthroughs could be achieved in such a short time. In addition to the excellent creativity of our team, I think it is more from the inspiration of the supreme honor of contributing to the country. A young team from the country, let this Xinsong, with countless sleepless nights, handed over a satisfactory answer to the world

the strength of a country is stronger than innovation. The country is more important than. There is also beril tonyali from the University of Connecticut (UConn) who is studying for a degree in material science and engineering. Because of the concept of continuous independent innovation and the important task of leading the rise of national industries undertaken by Xinsong, we can challenge the Chinese high-end industrial forbidden zone and the world machine and human forbidden zone again and again, and use our wisdom to escort China's development

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