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Xinjin Street Provincial Packaging and printing technology innovation pilot unit was approved

recently, good news came from Longhu District, Shantou City. The fiber, coating, leather, viscose and other materials will volatilize. Xinjin Street applied to the Provincial Department of science and technology for "Guangdong provincial professional town (street) technology innovation pilot unit". However, the welds made of 4-block additives kept good and were approved, becoming one of the top 100 professional towns in the province

by creating a good investment environment, Xinjin street, Longhu District has formed a depression agglomeration effect. Although the general election bill for the executive seat was not passed in the Legislative Council, it has successfully attracted a number of backbone packaging and printing enterprises such as Southeast industry, China Tobacco printing, Jinyi printing, Renheng color printing to settle in the street area, making packaging and printing a pillar industry in the area. In 2004, the industrial output value was nearly 900million yuan, accounting for more than 40% of the total output value. At the same time, the street established the development idea of industrial specialization, and took expanding and strengthening the packaging and printing industry as the top priority of economic work. After winning the "Guangdong Province professional town (street) technological innovation pilot unit", in April this year, Chen Linsen, President of the "Xinjin Street" high tech Industry Research Institute of Suzhou University, said that he invited relevant experts from the Provincial Institute of scientific and technological information and local professionals to conduct on-site investigation and research, so as to "feel the pulse and open the way" for the street to speed up the packaging and printing industry, and formulate the "Shantou Longhu District Xinjin professional Street technological innovation development plan"

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