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Xinsong company dressed up to participate in semicon China 2014

Xinsong company is a high-tech enterprise focusing on Robotics and automation technology and committed to digital high-end intelligent equipment. In the fields of industrial robots, intelligent logistics, complete sets of automation equipment, clean automation equipment, rail transit, laser technology equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, energy equipment, special equipment and intelligent service robots, it presents industrial cluster development, and provides digital and intelligent manufacturing covering the whole life cycle of products. The company has formed a complete industrial chain with unique core technologies, core components, leading products and industry system solutions, so the functions that the hardware can achieve are the same. The service covers more than 10 countries and regions in Europe, the United States, Asia and other countries and regions, and comprehensively meets the demand for high-end equipment with robot and automation technology as the core in key areas of national economy such as industry, transportation, national defense, energy, people's livelihood and so on. The company has set up five holding subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Shenyang Select gear (this experimental machine is divided into three grades according to the standard. Guangzhou and Shandong have Robot National Engineering Center sub centers, which are currently the largest listed robot company in China with the most complete brand product line.

semicon China 2014 semiconductor exhibition introduction

Xinsong company has participated in semicon China for many consecutive years. As early as 2005, Xinsong company began to invest scientific and technological forces in the IC equipment industry to tackle key problems. After years of research and development and innovation, it has After research and development, the core equipment used in the semiconductor industry, such as clean (vacuum) manipulator, concentric drive vacuum manipulator, atmospheric manipulator, side column manipulator, end rollover atmospheric manipulator, FPD robot and other products, have been put on the market in batches, and the market response is good. From the perspective of equipment manufacturing and guided by the current market application in China, Xinsong company provides strong services and technical support for semiconductor manufacturing in offshore engineering such as FPSO

the cleaning robot developed by Xinsong company applies international advanced technologies such as Scola arm and frog leg arm, all of which are servo driven, with high precision, high reliability, large load and large stroke. It is suitable for semiconductor, led, FPD, food, medicine, finance and other fields that require high precision and cleanliness. Through hard scientific research and creative research and development, Xinsong company has also developed vacuum direct drive static sealing technology and concentric drive technology, which are only mastered by a few large foreign companies, and developed a side column structure manipulator that can solve the problem of large stroke transmission, which makes Xinsong company a leading domestic and international advanced provider of clean automation equipment. In the key year of the 12th Five Year Plan, Xinsong heavy equipment Co., Ltd. will participate in semicon China 2014 semiconductor exhibition, and will be able to display the overall strength of Xinsong company in the semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry at this stage with its remarkable characteristics such as low operating cost. Please come and visit

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