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Xinsong 5g inspection robot becomes the "safety officer" of the smart factory


cuiguoxi source: China Economic Herald word count: 468

China economic security is to spend money to improve hardware Herald News cuiguoxi reported that recently, Liaoning Mobile company upgraded its intelligent manufacturing and improved the degree of automation in Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinsong") factory Cost control in terms of internal management and process innovation has also become an option for many enterprises. The opening of 5g base stations in smart factories marks the beginning of the 5g era of data statistics for Liaoning Industrial interconnection. At the same time, the 5g intelligent inspection robot "big eye cute baby" developed by Xinsong was also officially unveiled. Cui duo, senior project manager of the government enterprise customer department of Liaoning Mobile Company, said, "at present, Liaoning Mobile Company is carrying out application research based on 5g and industrial cloud big data platform to help Shenyang manufacturing industry move towards the ranks of high-end intelligent manufacturing."

"big eye cute baby" is equipped with multiple sensors. In case of smoke, ponding, water leakage and other dangerous situations, it can realize the independent judgment of all kinds of abnormal situations through artificial intelligence technology. It is used to measure the deformation of the sample in the process of the experiment and give an alarm in time. The staff can also manually control the inspection robot through 5g network. Next, led by Liaoning Mobile Company, this robot will be applied to Shenyang machine tool and BMW Brilliance factory for field test, replacing manual inspection of some areas with complex and harsh environment in the factory. In the future, on the premise of large-scale laying of 5g signals, 5g inspection robots will be able to be applied in special factories including hazardous chemicals, airports and railway stations with dense crowds. While replacing inspectors to complete the inspection work, intelligent inspection robots can not only ensure the safety of inspectors, but also greatly save the inspection time, and change manual inspection into "intelligent inspection"

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