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With its new products of the year, Xinjie electric invites you to the 2019 Industrial Expo. The 21st China International Industrial Expo will kick off in Shanghai on September 17. As the largest annual event in the field of industrial automation, it will have more than 2600 exhibitors at home and abroad and prevent the impact of overloaded objects during experiments. It is estimated that 170000 professional exhibitors will participate in this event

as one of the important Promoters Based on localization and focusing on the development of domestic industrial automation, Xinjie has been deeply engaged in the field of automation for 12 years. It has always adhered to market demand-oriented and continued to provide customers with high-quality products with excellent performance and intelligent overall solutions through continuous technological innovation

the theme of this Industrial Expo is innovation and intelligence, enabling the future of industrial automation, and focusing on the core technology and front-end products of intelligent manufacturing. What surprises will Xinjie bring? Let's have a preview

preview of new products in the exhibition

xs3 series medium-sized PLC

Xinjie's first product based on C increases its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.) Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface The PLC of the odesys programming platform significantly improves the programming efficiency

① it fully supports the PLCopen programming specification, and can reference many standard C function libraries to develop proprietary function blocks and instruction libraries

② it supports EtherCAT motion control and EtherCAT remote IO

③ it supports 32-way synchronous electronic cams

④ it supports downloading

xdh series small PLC

motion control function upgrading, which is suitable for multi axis Complex motion control lineup equipment

① equipped with dual ports, supporting EtherCAT motion bus and Ethernet communication

② supporting linear interpolation, arc interpolation, etc.

③ 64KB super large program capacity

yunzhizao v4.0

cross platform, multi type, information cloud platform for remote data acquisition

① new system framework and graphics configuration tool

② massive data chart analysis, Grasp the health status of the equipment in real time

③ support multimedia such as maps, images, videos

④ rich terminal coverage, support PC, IOS, Android

⑤ rich external interfaces, support docking with third-party platforms

Xinjie motion control display platform

① chasing, cutting and gluing model: applied to cold bending punching and cutting, continuous glue dispensing and other sites

② motion cutting model: applied to plasma cutting, product polishing Bottle screen printing and other on-site

③ pillow type packaging machine model: fixed length, calibration, variable length mode, compatible with the ruler and belt tailstock, increasing the material handling function Air defense and anti cutting protection function

exhibition information

exhibition Name: Industrial Automation Exhibition of the 21st China International Industry Expo

exhibition location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) (No. 333 Songze Avenue)

during the exhibition, there is no doubt that: September 17 to September 21, 2019

Xinjie booth number: 6.1h f085

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