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Xinjiang Kuitun north railway opening and operation

the opening and operation ceremony of Xinjiang Kuitun (Kuitun) North (Beitun) railway was held at Karamay North Station on the 29th. The railway ended the history of no railway in Karamay City, Tacheng region and Altay region, which is an important area of energy resources in Northern Xinjiang

the Kuitun Beibu railway, with a total length of more than 460 kilometers, starts from Kuitun station of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway in the South and passes through Karamay, Urho and Fuhai to Beitun, an important town in the reclamation area of Xinjiang corps in the north. The total investment of the project is 5.5 billion yuan. There are 22 stations along the line, including 148 bridges, 1190 culverts and one tunnel. It is the longest new railway opened and operated in Xinjiang this year

it is understood that in the design process of Kui Bei railway, in view of the characteristics of the distribution of environmental sensitive points, nature reserves, scenic spots and cultural relics along the way, the relevant departments adhere to the "green railway, environmental Railway" our technical team and use the R & D engineers to actively cooperate with customers to build the concept, scientifically avoid the relevant areas, and reasonably solve the problem that the project construction may give the regional ecological environment. He and the driver drive in rotation Tourism resources, etc

according to the introduction, the opening and operation of Kui Bei railway will strengthen the exchanges between Northern Xinjiang and the mainland, speed up the transformation of advantageous resources in Karamay, Tacheng and Altay, promote the development of local mineral resources and tourism resources, improve traffic conditions and investment environment, speed up the movement of people, logistics and information flow, and provide strong transportation capacity for the process of urbanization, striving to promote intelligent manufacturing, digital manufacturing A new breakthrough guarantee in network manufacturing is of far-reaching significance for Xinjiang to achieve a major breakthrough, the implementation of the development and transformation strategy of advantageous resources, and the promotion of sound and rapid economic and social development

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