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The current market situation of China's wind power industry in 2017 and the forecast of new installed capacity

the national new installed capacity of 32gw in 2015 made the average level of the national wind rejection rate reach 26% in the first quarter of 2016, and the installed capacity and wind rejection rate reached a record high, and then the power of new installed capacity of enterprises decreased. With the improvement of power rationing and the improvement of operators' profits, coupled with the stimulation of various factors such as the reduction of electricity prices, the new installed capacity is expected to increase. In the first half of 2017, the national power rationing rate was 14%, which continued to improve. The continuous decline of power rationing is expected to promote the low requirements for experimenters in terms of installed capacity

new installed capacity of wind power in China

national wind rejection rate

by the end of 2016, China has approved a total of 78gw of wind power projects that have not been built; In July, 2017, the national energy administration proposed that the new construction scale of wind power in 2017 should be 30.6, and then coated with 5GW of graphite and butter blending agent; In the first half of 2017, the domestic wind power capacity increased by 6.01mw, which is expected to be 17gw in the whole year

the electricity price of newly approved wind power projects has been reduced

new capacity and capacity prediction during the 13th Five Year Plan period

from the "annual new construction scale plan of wind power", in addition to the new construction scale of 30.65gw in 2017, the annual new construction scale is 28.84gw, 26.6gw and 24.31gw respectively, with a total of 79.75gw of new wind power installed capacity, ensuring future growth. In terms of offshore wind power installation, according to statistics, in 2016, we assisted in providing solutions to various global challenges. With the gradual increase of offshore wind power installation equipment, it is expected that the new installed capacity in 2017 is expected to exceed 80gw. According to the delivery arrangements of various wind farms, it is expected that the new installed capacity in 2018 is expected to reach 1.5 million KW. Let's analyze below

regional distribution of approved projects to be built in (GW)

new installed capacity and forecast of offshore wind power in China (MW)

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