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At present, the emergency action - the central control group actively carried out the "5.12" disaster relief action

at 14:28 on May 12, 2008, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, and a strong earthquake affected many provinces and regions across the country, causing huge losses to the lives and property of the people in the disaster areas. This is another natural disaster facing China after the ice and snow disaster at the beginning of this year

after learning of the disaster, the central control group immediately took active action to urgently deploy various post disaster rescue work. In the afternoon of May 12, the company's leaders contacted Chengdu branch to timely understand the situation of the disaster area and the safety status of employees. Chu Jian and Jin Jianxiang, senior leaders of the company on business trips, are very concerned about the disaster. Chairman Chu Jian instructed: we should pay attention to the safety of employees, the safety of users and the development of the disaster; President Jin Jianxiang tried every means to understand the safety of employees and user units in the earthquake area through Chu min, the company's leader, that night. At more than 10 p.m. on the 12th, Chu min, on behalf of the company, expressed condolences to all employees of central control through zouyi, general manager of Chengdu Branch, and told everyone to pay attention to safety. At the same time, he deployed specific work, including understanding the disaster situation of the client's unit and the aspects that need central control assistance, etc

on the morning of the 13th, we should first take the path of resource-saving development. In the morning, China control group urgently convened a meeting to convey leadership instructions, inform the situation of the disaster area, and deploy various post disaster work. The meeting decided that the central control group should organize disaster relief assistance as soon as possible. While the company's administration allocated special funds, the central control group's party and government working group should jointly send an initiative of donation to all Party members, league members, trade union members and employees to help the people in the disaster areas

after the meeting, various disaster relief work was carried out in a tense and orderly manner. Under the strong guidance of the Department of raw materials industry, Zhang Quanjin, chairman of the trade union of the group, urgently convened a meeting of the heads of the grass-roots organizations of the party, the labor union and the Youth League to further mobilize and deploy donations. At the same time, the central control group sent a letter of condolences to the majority of users, employees and their families in the disaster area, which is the necessary experimental testing equipment for construction, building materials, roads and bridges and other engineering units, expressing sincere condolences to them, and will fully support the disaster relief and reconstruction work, and provide various disaster relief assistance and technical services

"when one side is in trouble, all sides support". On the afternoon of the 13th, a total of 996 people actively participated in the on-site donation activities of China control group, and they warmly extended their hand of assistance. In the two and a half hours, a total of more than 70000 yuan of cash donations were received, and the leaders of the company took the lead actively. Jin Jianxiang, Zhong Guoqing, Zhang Quan, Zhang Rufeng, Chu min, Shen Hui, Jia Xunhui and other senior leaders donated 1000 yuan respectively; It is worth mentioning that xieweiping, an employee of the engineering branch of Central Control Technology Co., Ltd., was away on business. He solemnly pledged 1000 yuan to Cao Yedan, chairman of the sub Union. Other customers who came to the central control science and technology park also joined the ranks of donations to show their love to the disaster areas

the advantages of our tensile testing machine servo control software are as follows: at present, as long as we unite as one and work together, we will be able to tide over the difficulties and help the disaster areas rebuild their homes as soon as possible

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