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The current market for water quality monitoring is about 300million per year, and Liu Yubing has identified this sunrise industry. With the escort of the policy, the water quality monitoring in the next five years will be -

Liu Yubing, who has been operating water quality monitoring instruments in the environmental protection industry for more than 10 years, slowly began to taste the joy of harvest. Ten years ago, he plunged into the then unpopular industry of water quality monitoring instruments and founded Guangzhou Yiwen Technology Co., Ltd., but this seemingly promising industry once put Liu Yubing in an embarrassing situation with technology but no market

in fact, the environmental protection industry is a very special industry, especially because it is closely related to the national policy and attention, because for enterprises, investing in environmental protection equipment will correspondingly increase the cost. Take water quality monitoring equipment for example, no enterprise is willing to take the initiative to invest in installation, which is like spending money to buy a curse for itself

fortunately, with the increasing attention of the state to environmental protection, this passive situation is slowly breaking down. According to Liu Yubing, after these years of development, the current market scale of water quality monitoring is about 200 to 300 million per year. According to the relevant national policies, it is predicted that this market will surge to about 10 billion in the next five years

ten years of cultivation

in 1995, when Liu Yubing decided to do water quality monitoring, although there were many automatic sewage monitoring equipment abroad, it was still an absolutely unpopular industry in China

Liu Yubing saw the business opportunities here by chance. Liu Yubing graduated from Tsinghua automation major. At a reunion of Tsinghua alumni, an alumni who holds an important position in Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau suggested that applying automation technology to the field of environmental protection might have great prospects. The proposal of the alumni moved Liu Yubing with entrepreneurial dreams

Liu Yubing then began to investigate the market. He learned that in those years, the state installed sewage treatment systems for many sewage "manufacturing" enterprises, but due to insufficient supervision, the operation of these systems was very poor: it was often the people from the environmental protection bureau who started the sewage treatment system; When the people of the Environmental Protection Bureau walk on their front feet, the back feet of the system will be disabled. The Environmental Protection Bureau has nothing to do with this

from the helplessness of the Environmental Protection Bureau, Liu Yubing saw a market opportunity - automatic water quality monitoring instruments can solve this problem. "If we produce a product that monitors the operation of water quality treatment facilities, we can automatically monitor the operation of the enterprise's sewage treatment system 24 hours a day."

at that time, there were about 1million sewage discharge enterprises monitored nationwide. If each enterprise installs one set of automatic monitoring system, and each set is calculated at 10000 yuan, the market will have more than 10 billion yuan! "

driven by the attractive market prospect, Liu Yubing and several entrepreneurial partners developed the first generation of water quality monitoring products - "black box" in a very short time. But in the next market promotion, Liu Yubing ran into a wall everywhere. One year later, the "black box" did not even go out of Guangzhou

this industry is too special

in fact, the environmental protection industry is a very special industry, especially in that it is closely related to national policies and attention. Although the water quality monitoring industry has huge development space, it has just sprouted in China, and there is no corresponding industrial standard. On one side, the Environmental Protection Bureau questioned its products: "is your product OK?" On one side is the resistance of sewage enterprises - the state has not explicitly required the installation of water quality testing instruments. In this case, enterprises will not take the initiative to pay for the installation

obviously, the key to leveraging this market is to rely on the attention of the government and the corresponding policies, which is far beyond the scope of an enterprise. He has handled various after-sales problems, but Liu Yubing did not give up, and he still unremittingly promoted and publicized his products everywhere

finally, this market began to turn around in 1997. At that time, in order to cooperate with the "zero action" of harnessing the Huaihe River, the State Environmental Protection Administration required enterprises along the Huaihe River to purchase and install water quality monitoring equipment. Yiwen finally sold two sets of equipment

in 1999, the State Environmental Protection Administration issued a document to pilot the "black box" in 10 provinces (cities)

in 2000, the State Environmental Protection Administration finally officially issued a document to promote the "black box", and established the working goal of establishing an automatic water quality detection system in China in the next five years

in 2001, the State Environmental Protection Administration clearly stipulated in the new pollution law that sewage enterprises must install water quality monitoring equipment at sewage discharge outlets, issued relevant technical standards, and announced six product suppliers, including Yiwen

because of its early action, Yiwen has experienced difficulties in the early stage of entrepreneurship, but it has also received the corresponding return of experiments under the specified experimental conditions and requirements. At present, Yiwen has become the leader of the industry in this industry. The sales volume of Yiwen has also grown from millions at the beginning to tens of millions now

however, in terms of the overall market size, compared with the originally estimated market of 10billion, the current growth of the water quality monitoring market is still relatively slow, with a scale of twoorthree billion a year

who is the key to leveraging the huge market

from last year to this year, both the State Environmental Protection Administration and the State Council have increased their efforts to protect the environment. For enterprises such as Yiwen technology, we are looking forward to this good news, which may soon be transformed into a huge market

On December 3, 2005, the State Council issued the decision on implementing the scientificoutlookondevelopment and strengthening environmental protection (hereinafter referred to as the "resolution"). The resolution determines that by 2010, the environmental quality of key regions and cities in China will be improved, and the deterioration trend of the ecological environment will be basically curbed. By 2020, the environmental protection goal of significantly improving environmental quality and ecological conditions. To achieve this goal, China has set seven key tasks, among which the task of pollution prevention and control is the most arduous and the top priority

recently, the State Environmental Protection Administration has triggered another "environmental storm". Liu Yubing told that both basic pollution prevention and control and the prevention and control of major accidents need data to explain the results of prevention and control, which means that the basic means of prevention and control is monitoring. Among them, real-time monitoring can directly reflect the actual situation at that time, which is the first-hand data and the basis of prevention and control

therefore, Liu Yubing predicted optimistically that with the support of policies, the whole water quality monitoring market should reach a scale of 10billion in the next five years

10 billion market makes Yiwen see a bright future, but whether this 10 billion market can be started mainly depends on the determination and strength of the government. The implementation strength of the government is like a coefficient. When the strength is greater, the size of the market will be larger. If the coefficient is zero, it will still be a joy for environmental protection enterprises

some insiders told that national policies alone are useless. Environmental protection has been advocated for many years, but the actual effect is not very ideal. To put it bluntly, the implementation of policies is particularly difficult, and many enterprises do not buy it, nor do local governments

take water quality monitoring for example. As early as 2001, the State Environmental Protection Administration clearly stipulated in the new pollution law that sewage discharge enterprises must install water quality monitoring equipment at sewage discharge outlets, and issued relevant technical standards. If this policy is strictly followed until the samples are destroyed, the market scale of the whole water quality monitoring has already exceeded 10 billion. Obviously, judging from the current market size of twoorthree billion a year, the formulation and implementation of policies is still a long and difficult process

of course, from the perspective of the general trend, although it is not as fast as expected, the environmental protection industry is still advancing year by year. The reason why Liu Yubing's Yiwen company affects the mechanical measurement of pressure testing machine is that the water quality monitoring industry engaged in now seems to be still an absolutely positive industry. Liu Yubing is still full of confidence in the prospect of Yiwen. "This is the cause we believe, and we will continue to do it." Now Liu Yubing's financing plan has intention, and he is preparing for the upcoming big market with complacency

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