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Chemical fiber industry: the current market has changed from "demand driven" to "cost driven"

recently, the 10th China Hangzhou chemical fiber Forum (2011) was held in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, in Zhejiang Province, which is also the simplest way to turn. In the 2018 government work report, it was proposed to be held in Hangzhou. In the special session of the chemical fiber industry on the first day of the conference, Li Xunlei, chief economist of Guotai Junan, took the lead in making the theme report of "economic trend and investment choice in the context of inflation". Li Xunlei made a profound comment on the current global and domestic macroeconomic situation, and made an incisive analysis of the economic pattern that may be faced in the future and the corresponding monetary policy

domestic and foreign well-known enterprise experts from Sinopec, Mitsubishi Chemical, eurekon bamag, Huahong chemical fiber, GSI and other units made wonderful discussions on the operation status of the polyester industry in 2010 and the new situations and challenges faced in 2011 from the perspectives of raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, industrial production enterprises, trading enterprises and information service providers

on the whole, the domestic chemical fiber industry ushered in the golden period of nearly a decade in 2010, and the industry production, sales, investment, profit and other indicators increased significantly. The delegates at the meeting believed that the sufficient liquidity of the market, the strong recovery of downstream rigid demand, and the entry of all links of the industrial chain into a replenishment cycle after the economic crisis have all become the cornerstones driving the sharp rise of the market. Generally, most of the silver conductive adhesives printed on the screen are used as electrode materials

since 2011, as the monetary policy has changed from "loose" to "stable", all links of the industrial chain have entered a round of concentrated investment peak, the supply and demand pattern of subsequent upstream and downstream links is changing, and the market is changing from the previous "demand driven" good situation to the "cost driven" pattern

in the subsequent financial special session, the professional analysts of Guotai Junan Futures made a wonderful analysis of the financial market and industry trend in 2011. During the meeting, well-known domestic financial experts, well-known investment companies, heads of large-scale PTA, polyester and trade enterprises that are well-known in the industry successively expressed their views on the short-term, medium-term and long-term market. The on-site discussion was very enthusiastic, and their views and ideas collided fiercely on the site, which caused resonance among many industry enterprises and professional investors. At this industry event, the participants discussed more about one word - Change: the environment is changing, the pattern is changing, and the thinking of enterprises needs to change

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